Cannon Quality Group Announces New Shared Supplier Audit at Blue Line Sterilization
August 13, 2020

Program helps medtech companies complete supplier audit requirements at greatly reduced cost.

Alamo, CA – August 13, 2020 – Cannon Quality Group (CQG) today announced a new shared supplier quality audit at Blue Line Sterilization Services (BLSS) in Novato, CA on October 20th, 2020.

Cannon Quality Group has pioneered the concept of the Shared Supplier Audit. CQG founder Nicolle Cannon had the idea some years back when she noticed that so many of her client companies were auditing the same suppliers. Especially for start-ups and emerging medical device companies, sending scarce resources out to a supplier for an audit is hard to do.

Why not consolidate multiple audit days from multiple customers into one audit to save everyone time and money?

We’re excited to announce a new Shared Supplier Audits for October 2020: Blue Line Sterilization Services (BLSS) in Novato, CA. 

In a shared audit, Cannon Quality Group pools together a number of companies who need to audit a particular supplier and performs the audit at one time on the behalf of the participating clients. Clients are consulted beforehand on the agenda, and each participant gets a customized report at the end.

We’re dedicated to lowering the cost of innovation in the medical device world, and creating a shared audit day at a key industry supplier is just one way to make the hurdles a start-up faces more manageable. 

For clients of a shared audit the results are no different from a solo audit other than it is much more cost-effective. Clients do not know who the other participating companies are, and no confidential information is shared between clients.

If you’d like to get on board the BLSS audit this October, please get in touch at or by phone at (925) 944-9468.

If you need other suppliers audited or if you are a supplier and would like to explore the possibility of hosting a shared audit of your facility, we’d love to hear from you!

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