Event: “eQMS Solutions for Startup and Early Stage Medtech Companies” set for Thurs Oct 3
August 26, 2019

Cannon Quality Group is a full service quality management department outsourceable on a fractional basis to startup and emerging medtech companies. We field a lot of questions from clients on the selection and use of electronic Quality Management Systems.

With that in mind, CQG is preparing an event for our clients on October 3rd with the topic “eQMS solutions for startup and early stage medtech companies” which is open to everyone in the medtech community. 

It’s an opportunity to get exposure to a number of eQMS solution providers who will be in attendance. The format will be a moderated panel discussion with the solutions vendors and audience Q&A on the topic, in addition to a small trade show type of format, where each participating vendor will have a station so attendees can go from table to table to have one-on-one discussions and perhaps a quick demo. 

Attendees can jumpstart their understanding of electronic Quality Management Systems compared to paper-based systems in just a few hours. Bring a colleague, bring your questions, and bring your business cards for networking. 

The location will be our shared workspace in Redwood City (1735 E Bayshore Rd, Unit 5A) on Thursday, Oct. 3, from 5-7 pm. (More details on our Redwood City facility here:

So stop by on October 3rd for a drink, a snack, and networking with other industry professionals in a relaxed and informal environment, co-presented with Stephen Gould Corporation and the Product Realization Group. You can reserve your spot by submitting the form on the right.


Cannon Quality Group’s Founders Club was created to provide a home away from home for medical device entrepreneurs. Here, members have a place in the geographical heart of medical device innovation and investment to set up for the day, the week, the month, or just between meetings. The Club offers workbenches, tools, and a Controlled Environment Room for rental. More information on the facility is available here:

About Us: Cannon Quality Group provides outsourced Quality Management System solutions to startup medical device companies that are engineer focused and compliant. Cannon’s number one priority is delivering QMS solutions that make sense for the stage and goals of its clients’ business. Cannon Quality Group’s mission is to be the Change in Quality.

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