Get the Scoop on Risk Analysis at this year’s Masters Summit
October 11, 2022

If you’re struggling with managing risk analysis for your start-up medtech device or software, the 2022 Masters Summit offers insight that can help you get your product to market sooner.

CQG’s Regional Director of Quality, Jeff Flint will be presenting a breakout session focused on connected risk analysis. Jeff will explain the basics of active risk management, and how to ensure your risk assessment is a living document. He’ll also outline best practices for implementing risk management through a controlled, right-sized quality management system (QMS).

Master Control’s 2022 Masters Summit will be held October 24-28 in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeff’s breakout risk management session will be on Tuesday, October 25.

If you have more questions about developing and managing quality for your start-up medtech device, contact us at

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