Cannon Quality Group CEO and Founder, Nicolle Cannon, to Continue Role as Strategic Adviser to UCSF Rosenman Institute for Medtech Startups
May 4, 2021

Cannon Quality Group Continues to Serve the Institute as an Enterprise Partner

Cannon Quality Group (CQG), a leading provider of compliant Quality Management solutions to the medical device, Medtech, life sciences, biotech, and IVD industries, has announced that its CEO and founder Nicolle Cannon will continue her role as a strategic adviser to UCSF Rosenman Institute Medtech entrepreneurs and that Cannon Quality Group will continue to serve the institute as an enterprise partner.

Rosenman Enterprise Partners engage with entrepreneurs to build lasting, win-win business relationships with fast-growing Medtech companies.

Cannon Quality Group provides lab bench space, a clean environmental room (CER) and quality management services, including helping Rosenman companies navigate its electronic quality management services (eQMS) onboarding with companies such as MasterControl, Greenlight Guru, Propel PLM, and Enzyme.

“I’m privileged to have the opportunity to work with this group of world-class experts on how to deliver legal, product development and operations to startup executives in the medical device industry,” said Nicolle Cannon, Founder and CEO of Cannon Quality Group. “These thought leaders bring tremendous understanding of what it takes to bring medical device products to market.”

Cannon serves a trusted Rosenman Adviser to its startups and is a frequent participant in the Rosenman Expert Consults program. The program allows medical device entrepreneurs to tap expertise from a wide range of specialists. The Expert Consult office hours offer a great way for Medtech entrepreneurs to get quick feedback on problems that have been vexing them and form long-term connections to trusted advisers.

“The value Nicolle brings to our startup community in the area of quality management and control throughout the entire product development process from Class 1– 3 for the fulfillment of a 510(k) review to premarket approval is substantial,” said Christine Winoto, founder and director of the UCSF Rosenman Institute. “Our founders appreciate her expertise and guidance. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with Nicolle and her team at Cannon Quality Group.”

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