Remote Auditing FAQs Cannon Quality Group
May 3, 2021

Remote Auditing FAQs Cannon Quality Group

The pandemic has increased the need for remote audits in medical device, Medtech, Pharma, IVDR, and other companies in the life science industries. Over the last 14 months, Cannon Quality Group has helped migrate companies to a remote audit process for notified body audits, supplier audits, internal audits, and more.

In FAQs on Remote Auditing, you’ll gain insights and learn answers to 16 frequently asked questions, including:

  • Is there a need to revisit the audit contract to add some “requirements of remote auditing” language?
  • Has anyone had an auditor ask for verification or validation of the platform (e.g., Zoom, Teams) they are using for remote auditing?
  • Are you seeing the same amount of time spent on a remote audit compared to an on-site audit, aside from travel of course?
  • How will Notified Bodies view companies that have not done their internal audits (on site or remote) but have put a documented COVID-19 mitigation in place for 2020? Will they issue an NC for this?
  • How have remote supplier or external audits affected timelines? In other words, have you found that you’ve had to add an additional 1-2 days of auditing due to a remote audit environment?
  • Is there concern about third-party auditors taking screenshots or otherwise keeping confidential information in a remote audit? How do you protect against that?
  • How do you recommend auditing manufacturing lines remotely

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