Navigating eQMS with Enzyme
February 11, 2022

The use of electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) is becoming standard technology in Medtech startups. They offer the promise of automation, improving compliance, reducing cost, increasing productivity, enhancing traceability, and reducing documentation burden.

CQG partnered with Jared Seehafer, CEO of Enzyme, to kick off the series in 2022. View the webinar in its entirety here:

Seehafer advocates for an early plunge into eQMS, and recommends prospective buyers to consider customization, integration, and data movement as key decision points. He emphasizes the need for full organizational buy-in and team training. Seehafer asks prospective customers if they intend for the eQMS to talk to internal systems.

“Enzyme was built from the ground up to work within your existing technology stack. As more teams in bio and Medtech make use of various software tools, having an eQMS that can integrate with those tools is crucial” Seehafer noted. “It’s lean enough for a 5 person startup but flexible, and can easily scale to teams of 1000+ users.”

In addition to a clear understanding of the workflow, Seehafer says “it’s really in the execution of the procedures, but users have to know what they are doing, and just using eQMS does not make you compliant.”

View the webinar:

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